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Dream Car Providers since 1999

1997 McLaren F1

1997 McLaren F1

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione II

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione II


The Car Experience represents a fine range of Supercars and Classic Cars from such marques as Bugatti, Bentley Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche and Lamborghini. 

The Car Experience provides a range of services to help you realise the ultimate dream of owning a luxury car. Our customers can buy direct from our current selection.

If you are looking for a specific vehicle then we use our knowledge and contacts to provide a bespoke source and supply service to help you find the vehicle of your dreams.


We are always looking for top quality, high end vehicles. So if you are looking to sell your luxury,prestige or performance vehicle please call us with the details or alternatively complete our online sales valuation form.


Some vehicles cannot be advertised or promoted publicly due to their rarity or to protect the vehicles from "indelicate" brokers. Here is a list of automobiles we are representing, information and prices will be sent upon request. 

DeTomaso Mangusta project (2 vehicles available)

Lamborghini Islero

Lamborghini Islero project

Maserati Ghibli Super Sport project

Request information: or (705) 726 7399